As Above, So Below…


As above, so below

As within, so without

What was taken is restored to its rightful place


And I can’t believe it’s been six months since I’ve posted anything. It’s definitely not for lack of things to write about. In six months I’ve traveled, launched my healing business, started drafting my second poetry book, gotten my real estate license, transitioned into a professional art model, and have evolved so much spiritually and emotionally.

I started this blog five years ago and as I read over some of my older posts I’m amazed at how much I’ve grown. Not only am I fully connected to my divinity but I have discerned and accepted my life’s purpose. As a result I am aligned with Universal Law as I manifest literally all that I desire. It’s an interesting thing to say that, at 32, I am content and happy for the first time in my adult life. I am confident in my role and I am at peace with who I am. Temet Nosce- know thyself. There’s power in that and it’s extremely challenging to own that power in a culture that is designed to separate you from who you are, from your Spirit.

What’s even more amazing is that I find that as I’ve shifted my relationships with others have shifted. I’ve gained wisdom on “soul contracts” and the lessons I am to learn from those in my life. Doing so has allowed me to better discern what types of relationships to cultivate with others, and how I am to show up in those relationships. This wisdom has also allowed me to better meet others where they are. And most importantly it has allowed me to release attachment to my relationships when it is time to let them go. Through this understanding I have been able to forgive past hurts, thus removing many blockages to my abundance and balancing my ability to give and receive.

 I have also regained my connection to my sexuality (something I will expand on later in a separate post). As I honor my Goddesshood I realize that my sexuality belongs to me and only me. It is for my use, my pleasure, and it is a blessing to others if I choose to share it. I’ve come to understand that a part of my healing gift is in my sexuality and that I must have the freedom to express it fully. I am not made for monogamy nor am I limited to only one gender. I also realize more and more that I don’t necessarily need a partner or mate–my ability to love expands with each lover I engage.

I guess I can say that I have finally regained all the parts of me that I had become disconnected from over the years. Life’s hardships and emotional traumas tend to cut us into so many pieces. We either spend the rest of our lives broken or the rest of our lives trying to find those pieces so that we may put ourselves back together again. When, in reality, we were always whole. We just forgot.

I’ve finally remembered.


I Create My Life: My Update Post


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve spent the past several months getting everything about my life together. The drama surrounding my break-up coupled with my moving and being in a strange in-between stage forced me to go deeply within and restructure my entire existence.

As I type this post I am currently sitting in a posh coffee shop in Atlanta Georgia. Yes, after four years of dreaming, planning, plotting, and manifesting I have finally made the move. I’m barely a month in and I absolutely love this amazing city. Every day is a new discovery. Every day is a new challenge. Every day is a new blessing. Moving here was the best decision I have ever made and I am extremely grateful that I put faith and trust in my intuition. I know without a doubt that I am supposed to be here and the Universe continues to show me. Within one week not only was I offered two very good paying jobs that allow me the flexibility to maintain my spiritual lifestyle but I found a great house to rent. I arrived in Atlanta radiating an aura of fearlessness, openness, and being limitless. As a result I have attracted so many opportunities. I am now professionally art modeling and have been offered a space to teach community yoga classes. Of course there’s still my poetry and jewelry making and there is a thriving professional as well as spiritual community that I have been able to tap into. I’ve been able to dive deeper into African spiritual practices and learn more about my culture. There’s so much potential for growth and success in this city. This is the first time in a long time where I am not struggling, where I feel like anything is possible. It is my goal to get my real estate license here and purchase a home by next year. Socially, people are very friendly, helpful, and authentic. Not to mention that my dating options are through the roof. I’m constantly getting approached by men and women who are interested in me. All of this makes me feel empowered.

We are now in harvest season, which makes all of this even more perfect. I am definitely harvesting all of the seeds I have planted over these past several months. There is no lack in my garden and all of my reflections are full of beauty and love. My theme for this harvest is “I Create My Life.” This phrase is at the root of my planning and the center of my vision board. There is so much energy behind that statement. It keeps you motivated, disciplined, and empowered. It also takes one out of the role of being a victim and/or blaming others. The statement also requires one to take responsibility for the situations they are in. I want to be a real estate agent and certified yoga instructor, therefore I create the situations necessary to manifest that. I want to travel and own a home, I create that. I create peace and harmony. I create balance, gratitude, and healing.  I create beauty and art. I create security,  openness, and love. These are all the things I want so I create them.

I think the biggest seed that I am harvesting is freedom. It’s something my spirit was craving, even while I was with my ex-girlfriend. I allowed our relationship to limit me in many ways and keep me from growing. I wanted freedom so I created our break-up though the desire didn’t make the experience any less painful. I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that there are a lot of things I am doing now that I would not have had the space to do while we were together. During the spring equinox I offered “freedom” to the Universe as my sole wish and now, during the fall equinox, I am harvesting it. It’s interesting how letting go of one form of love allows you to receive it abundantly from many sources. For the first time ever I am in the space to give and receive love openly and freely with anyone I am connected to. My relationship with my primary lover (whom I affectionately call my Balance) has helped me with this tremendously. He recognizes and has told me that I am at my happiest when I am free. Therefore he works hard to allow me that space while loving me unconditionally. This has created such a healing space for me. I’ve connected to the fact that part of my life’s purpose is to share love with others, as it is such a powerful form of healing and we are currently in a time where we all need as much healing as we can get. My paradise is being in a space to love openly with the support of those around me.

I create my Queendom. 



Road Trip Reflections

Bell Mountain in Sedona, AZ

Bell Mountain in Sedona, AZ

I had the exciting opportunity to road trip to Arizona this past weekend. I was invited to perform poetry at the inaugural Phoenix Festival of the Arts and  I figured it would be fun to check out northern Arizona since I was in the area.

I’ve done a lot of traveling in the past eighteen months. This year alone  has seen me in Cincinnati, San Antonio, Portland, Seattle,  San Diego, and Oakland. I’ve gotten lost in Vancouver,  experienced the California Redwoods, spent nights gazing at the stars in Boulder City,  pitched tents at most of the camp sites in Las Vegas, and have driven highway 1 from Medford to San Francisco. All in one year. And this is only the beginning. 2013 has even more to offer in terms of traveling with tentative plans to hit Santa Fe, Houston,  Hawaii, Mexico, Pittsburg, and Brazil. All before I relocate to Atlanta. But I digress.

So…Arizona. I dragged two of my friends with me on the trip. We all agreed that Phoenix itself was so-so. I thoroughly enjoyed the art scene and performing at the festival. People are friendly and I found a Waffle House that I was super excited about.  But as a whole the city is strange and pretty boring. However there’s much to appreciate once one travels out of Phoenix. As we drove north I began to develop an appreciation for Arizona. It’s a beautiful place! It’s mostly desert, like California and Nevada– but, trust me, all deserts are not the same. Arizona has some very unique landscaping. I would have never thought it had high elevations and mountains. Some of which looked almost like parts of Oregon. There are a lot of Native American communities so you see much of that influence in the architecture and lay out of the cities. We passed many pueblo style homes that were adorable.

My absolute favorite place was Sedona. I’ve never (to date) seen a more beautiful desert. I was amazed at how crystal blue the sky was and how striking the mountains were. On top of the ascetics, Sedona has a lot of spiritual energy. It’s no surprise that a lot of yoga practitioners, palm readers, meditators, and reiki masters set up shop there. I wish I had been able to spend more time in Sedona but I definitely plan on going back.

The best thing about the trip (and most of the others I’ve been on this year) is experiencing it with someone. I appreciate connecting with someone who is just a free spirit as I am. Who is willing and able to pack a bag and jump in the car to wherever random destination we end up in. I’m grateful because I’ve never had someone so willing to travel with me. It means a lot.