Free Spirit v.s Corporate Woman-Finding Balance


Last year for me was all about exploring my creative side and developing my spirituality. This year I’ve shifted my priorities to focus on building my real estate business and getting my non-profit organization off the ground.

Being self-employed, creating my own brand, and essentially establishing my own company is an extremely exciting endeavor for me. Once I decide on a course of action I can be very disciplined, doing all that needs to be done to accomplish my goal. I’m an “all or nothing” type personality so at times my work ethic can be borderline obsessive. I’ll let everything fall the wayside as I put all my time, energy, and resources into my focus project. I admit that it’s a lot of work but I enjoy the challenge. I feel like there’s something rewarding (besides money) in being productive and I love going to meetings, conducting conference calls, wearing business suits, and coordinating workshops/seminars.

But I’m still an artist.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been so focused on my career these past few months that I’ve been neglecting my artistic side.  I have so many creative outlets; poetry, blogging, jewelry making, drawing (mandalas), pottery, and I’m about to add sewing clothes to the mix. All of which are more for my sanity than anything. I need something to channel all my restless energy into. But since I made real estate my top priority I haven’t been writing much, making jewelry, or going to any open mics. I hadn’t realized how much I needed all of that until last weekend when I returned to Vegas for a visit. The purpose was to attend a few meetings and take care of some real estate tasks. But after I was done handling business I traded my business suit and heels for a gypsy skirt and bare feet– spending the time remaining immersing myself in art, poetry, and music. I had totally missed the art scene and being in that environment was so good for my spirit.

I’m realizing how vital it is for me to nurture all aspects of myself. That it’s possible for me to maintain the discipline needed to be a successful career woman while setting time aside to travel and create. I’ve started to put both into practice and as a result have developed a healthy balance. I wake up early every morning to meditate and exercise. I spend eight hours working from home or at the local coffee shop. I take lunch breaks and eat dinner at a decent hour. I designate every evening to have time to myself so that I can write, draw, read a book, watch movies, or engage in whatever activity I feel like engaging in at that moment. I found a yoga and meditation group in the area that meets weekly and on some Sundays I volunteer to pass out food to needy families. I spent most the month of February working with two clients and as soon as their transactions were closed I took off to Los Angeles to spend the weekend with my best friend. I loved having that freedom to travel and enjoy the money made after working diligently for weeks.

When is comes to the free spirit vs. the corporate woman I know I’m dealing with a polarity but I’m learning that they can be balanced, and at times blended. The free spirit needs discipline in order to finish projects, such as a poetry album or book. And the corporate women needs flexibility in order to come up with creative out of the box ways to build her business brand. When I sacrifice one side of myself for the other my entire spirit suffers. And at the end of the day, the sacrifice isn’t even necessary. By utilizing both I’m able to create exactly the type of life I’ve envisioned living–a life that is rewarding, fulfilling, and productive.




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