The Year of the Horse


January 30th marked the Lunar New Year and the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Horse. Now I’ve never before paid much attention to the Chinese New Year. I participate in a hybrid of so many different traditions that its hard to keep up with all of them. However an interpretation of some recent dreams I’ve had pointed to the significance of the Chinese New Year. What’s interesting is that we’re transitioning from the year of the water serpent to the year of the wood horse. This suggests that the upcoming year will see a shift from water energy to earth energy. When I relate them to the tarot the water serpent is connected to the Moon  and the wood horse is connected to the Chariot. Thus signifying a transition from the slow subtle intuitive energy of the feminine to  the  fast fiery  forceful action oriented energy of the masculine.

In  shamanic tradition a horse represents masculine energy, driving force, inner strength, pursuing goals,  and overcoming obstacles. It indicates the present and our ability to harness our energy as well as the energy around us for the greater good–to not abuse, waste, hoard, or use our power with negative intentions.  It also indicates our need to express ourselves authentically and to succeed in goals. On a deeper level, horses signifies connections and the importance of opening up to others as well as valuing our spiritual paths. Key symbols are true power, love, loyalty, freedom, mobility  wind, devotion, unconditional love, friendship and companionship.

What’s interesting about January 30th is that it was also the last day of my formal spiritual and physical purge. When I initiated my cleanse I had no idea that the date I picked to end it was also the Lunar New Year. On that last day I sat down to write down all of the spiritual lessons I learned that I wanted to carry with me into the Year of the Horse. Here are those lessons:

  • Claiming my power
  • Maintaining the flow, purity, and integrity of my safe space
  • Faith
  • Gratitude
  • Remaining in the present moment and remembering “This Is It”
  • Separate myself from my ego
  • Looking at what is
  • Don’t be afraid to walk alone. Don’t be afraid of the dark
  • The 5 precepts: non harming, not taking what isn’t offered, true love, mindful consumption, loving speech/deep listening
  • Honesty and authenticity
  • Letting go/non attachment
  • Recognizing and receiving signs, warnings, and symbols
  • Kill or cure
  • Acknowledging unskillful patterns of behavior
  • Purifying connections
  • Healing with boundaries
  • Be ever aware that thoughts = manifestation
  • Harness my earth (solidity), air (flow), and fire (power) energies
  • Continue to meet others where they are
  • Remember to meet myself where I am
  • There is no time to be small
  • Understanding and owning power
  • The importance of consistency in action
  • Compassion not sympathy
  • Balance and equanimity
  • Connecting with the ancestors

Those are all the lessons I carry with me as I move into this next phase.  Furthermore, my physical purge has reaffirmed the importance of being mindful of what I put in my body. As a result I’ve decided to completely refrain from drinking alcohol altogether. This is a big deal for me as alcohol has traditionally been something that I have always been reluctant to give up. Yet the absence of it has left me extremely clear headed and connected to my spirit. I also plan on keeping my current eating habits and refraining from meat.

All in all I am excited for all the things that this year will bring and embrace my continuing growth.



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