Buddhist Reflections: Spiritual Transitions



Ever since I could read and started to grasp the concept of spirituality I’ve always been one to study different religions. I was the 5th grader reading about Greek mythology, Siddhartha Gautama, and Aesop’s fables. I was the college freshman sitting in the religious studies class debating the authenticity of the story of Moses. As I became an adult I explored several different spiritual practices until I connected with Buddhism and I’ve been incorporating its principles into my daily life ever since.

However, for the past year I’ve been undergoing a spiritual transition, a desire to expand and dig deeper with my spiritual practice. Buddhism is still my foundation, my root–the one that I will always return to. But it’s been through my practice of Buddhism that I’ve been opening up to things that can’t fully be understood through Buddhism alone. This is what lead me to Shamanism.

Shamanism, like Buddhism, resonates with me. The core principle is healing but it also teaches how to understand and use our innate intuitive abilities in a constructive way by connecting with the earth, ourselves, and our ancestors. Most importantly, its principles not only cultivate inner power but it allows us to harness and use our power with the intention of non-harming.  My interest in Shamanism appeared to have come out of nowhere but I believe in synchronicity too much to pass it off as a random occurrence. Like any interest I studied it for a long time and then applied it by attending Shamanic healing circles. What I find amazing is how my own intuition and spiritual power expanded. I became very clear on my life’s purpose.

Shamanism has helped me to understand so many things about myself such as my intuition, clairvoyance, and healing power. It also facilitates my own healing process as one cannot heal others without first healing themselves. I am grateful for the continued spiritual evolution.



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