Season of Change



There’s been a lot going on lately. So much that I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll begin by talking about change. It’s in the air. The world, our spirits, and the Universe are all buzzing with it.  Big things are happening both physically and spiritually. Many of us can feel it and some of us are oblivious to it but regardless if you acknowledge it or not everything around us is evolving. We must flow with the changes or be weighed down by stagnation. But immobility eventually leads to sterility. Nature does not tolerate stagnation.

My evolution process has moved forward exponentially within the past year and a half. I’ve grown so much in such a short amount of time. Part of this is because my spiritual life depended on it–a truth I was painfully aware of.  Another part of it was because I made the conscious decision to cultivate the environment necessary to nurture evolution. My intention was and always will be balance. Maintaining balance within the whirlwind of change I find myself in. Balancing my duality. Balancing my sexuality. Balancing my free spiritedness with my need for structure. Balancing my artistic nature with my corporate mind. Balancing my spirituality with the material world I live in. Balancing my calling as healer with innate selfishness. Balancing where I’ve come from with where I am going. Balancing my light with my dark. In essence, searching for that constant state of equanimity.

I recently welcomed by 30th birthday. I spent my born day camping out at my favorite spot in Vegas with my loved ones. As I reflected on my current state of being I found that I’m extremely content with where I am in my life and who I am–who I am becoming.  I’m more aware of my inner power and, most importantly, I am able to channel it.

I dedicated 2013 to being the year of completing unfinished projects. As a result  I committed to pushing through real estate school and getting my salesperson’s license and after being self(un) employed for the past eight months I am making the transition back into the corporate world. What makes me excited about this is the fact that I am doing so on my own terms. I’ve  still self-employed with the freedom, flexibility, and power to dictate my own schedule, professional growth, and financial security. No more relying on others to determine my success. I also maintain the power that allows me the space to tap into my art and spirituality so that none of the important things in my life are neglected. So that all sides to me are nurtured.

I will be moving out of Vegas before the winter. Being present has allowed me to see all the signs that I have gotten all the lessons I need from living here and that it is time for me to move on.It’s my desire to move down south to Atlanta yet my partner wants me to move with her to Bay area. I have a purpose, plans that I know will come together no matter where I go so I am open to wherever I am eventually called. I am willing to flow with whatever this season of changes brings.


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