Shutting Down The Garden


The past eight months have been very interesting for me. Ever since I moved out of my own apartment into a house with two other people my life has taken on an entirely new direction.

Spiritually, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve had the opportunity to hone in on abilities I never knew I possessed. I’ve come to the understanding that I’m a natural healer, a powerful and effective one at that. This is something I’ve never fully realized but it makes sense as to why other people have always been drawn to me for nurturing. I guess people intuitively sense my ability to heal even if it’s unconscious or unintentional on my end.

Recognizing my gifts have allowed me the space to educate myself about them and explore their potential. I’ve gone from the instinctive to the intentional thus creating a purpose for my abilities. It causes things to have clarity as I am no longer walking around blindly doing things without an understanding as to why I’m doing them. However, there have been some side effects. My purposefully putting out healing energy into the Universe has caused a lot more people to be drawn to me. As I’m still working on grounding myself, strengthening my aura, and learning how to manage the give/receive exchange of energy what’s been happening is that I find myself in situations where I give more energy than I’m receiving. This leaves me feeling distracted, unbalanced, and drained.

The lack of balance has spilled over into the physical aspects of my life, affecting my career goals. There has been so much energy put into healing others and strengthening myself spiritually that there has been nothing left for earthly matters. There have a lot of projects that I have yet to realize because my attention has been focused on my spiritual practice and purpose. And while it’s great to be so spiritually tuned in there has to be balance.

So I’m temporarily shutting down the garden so to speak. Otherwise if I allow others to harvest from it before it has a chance to fully grow then it will never flourish. What I mean is that I’m pulling away from friends and family and focusing solely on myself in order to realize my goals. Not only that but I need to continue to center and balance myself. Otherwise I’ll never be any good to anyone as a healer. A person can’t help anyone if they can’t help themselves.


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