Buddhist Reflections: Karma Cleansing



Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act nonvirtuously, suffering results.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about karma–more specifically mine. I’ve been extremely blessed these past several months. Despite my current lack of employment there have been a lot of amazing opportunities that have come my way. I know that this is due to all the hard work and positive energy I’ve been putting into the universe. There are also some not so positive situations I find myself in lately, certain blockages that I must acknowledge and take responsibility for.

The key component to karma is that it requires us to take full responsibility for our actions and situations. But what’s important is to understand the difference between taking responsibility and blaming. Taking responsibility simply means recognizing your actions that resulted in your current situation. To me this is a kinder, gentler approach than blaming because it eliminates guilt or shame. It also allows  self-examination in a very clear and concise way, leaving one more open to identifying a possible harmful pattern of behavior and changing it. Or even finding a solution to whatever negative situation you may find yourself in.

Once I identified my harmful patterns of behavior and accepted responsibility for my situations I decided to karma cleanse–basically balancing the negative energy I’ve put out into the universe. There’s really no set way or ritual for karma cleansing. Honestly, I just went with what I know and combined some practices based off my situations. These included:

  • Spiritually and physically cleansing by refraining from intoxicants and maintaining a strict vegetarian diet for 30 days
  • Meditating once a day
  • Settling debts and following through on my word
  • Examining and setting my intentions before engaging in any activity

All of these practices have served to make me more mindful of my actions. Though it hasn’t been easy, I notice that they have brought a certain level of simplicity to my life and have allowed me the space to interact with others with a clear conscious. It has definitely alleviated some of the suffering in my life.


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