No County For (Dating) Excuses: A Follow-up Story


A few months ago I wrote a lively little post about dating excuses and how I have zero tolerance for them. At a certain point I decided that it was best if I stopped communicating with both people mentioned in that post. I experienced scenarios that indicated that it would be in my best interest to do so. I’m going to speak about the Poet in particular.

Sometime after  Thanksgiving I happen to found out via Twitter that the Poet was coming to Vegas. Now at the time him and I had went from talking almost every day to no communication in three weeks (not even a “Happy Thanksgiving”) so I was bit perturbed that I had to find out through social media that he was visiting. On one hand a part of me didn’t care because I had pretty much decided that I was no longer interested in dating him, on the other hand my spidey senses where telling me that something fishy was going on. So I bite the bullet and call him out about it to which he responds that he was trying to hit me with a surprise visit.

Hold up….pause….

How do you “surprise” someone you haven’t spoken to in weeks? It’s Thanksgiving at that. He didn’t even know if I would be in town. The whole story screamed of bullshit. I already knew that if I hadn’t hit him up I would have never heard from once he got to Vegas.  What made it even more shameful was the fact that he had the nerve to ask me to pick him up from the airport.  FAIL!!! Regardless, I decided to bite the bullet and wait it out to see if it really was what he said it was. Needless to say I only saw him once the entire time he was in Vegas–when he happened to pop up at an open mic I frequent. He gave me a hug and some more bullshit about connecting before he left Vegas, which never happened.

When he left I called him out and asked him how it was that he didn’t end up seeing the person he supposedly came to surprise. He tried to put it off on me, saying that I didn’t seem enthusiastic about him visiting. This resulted in an exchange that just more unpleasant as it continued on so I ended it, letting him know that I was no longer interested in dating him or  even talking to him for that matter. And that was that.

Flash forward four months. There’s a woman I’ve been getting to know. Though she’s not herself an artist  (YES!!!!) she frequents the local scene. One night the Poet comes up during a casual conversation we were having. Turns out he tried to holla at her. As a matter of fact, not only did he try to holla at her but they messed around a bit (in between the time he was spending with me) and he called himself trying to date her. Even gave her the same story he gave me  about a “surprise visit” when he came out to Vegas.


I honestly couldn’t even be mad. Something told me to leave dude alone. That he wasn’t right and he was trying to run game.  I’m glad I listened to my intuition and decided to dead that situation. It’s a shame that I turned out to be right about him but I’m not surprised. He clearly underestimated the type of woman he was dealing with when he tried to bullshit me. He also grossly underestimated how small a town Vegas is. His game was very sloppy for him to have gotten caught as quickly and as easily as he did. Yet this situation has confirmed for me how important it is it is to stand your ground when it comes to not settling for less than you deserve. And how important it is for me to always trust my instincts.


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