On A Personal Note 3~09~13: diary of the un(self)employed


I’ve been un(self) employed for almost three months now. I put both “self “and “un” because while I am not gainfully employed by a corporation or agency I am definitely earning a living in several different ways.

My resume is beyond impressive. I have a lot of experience in a dozen different fields. Add to that the fact that I’m a good hustler. I have the ability to turn anything into a business. And I’ve done exactly that. I literally have several different lucrative hustles. Three of which have led to some great opportunities.

The biggest blessing about my current situation is seeing all the tiny seeds I’ve been planting start to bloom. It seems like all my side projects began to take off as soon as I got fired. Once that door shut, several opened up. This makes me feel like the universe was preparing me for where I’m at now. All of this is clearly meant to be.

I wont say it’s easy though. Being self-employed requires a lot of discipline, a lot of motivation. It also requires a lot of patience and adjustments because I went from having a steady paycheck every two weeks to receiving sporadic sums of money. I’ve had to restructure how I relate to money, which has certainly taught me to be a lot more mindful of my spending. There are a lot of times where it can be stressful, wondering if I’ll make enough money to pay bills. Yet and still I much prefer the lifestyle I have to working for someone else. I have complete control of my time and energy. I can choose which days I want to work and for how long. I can take long trips without having to ask someone for time off. I am my own boss and that is extremely empowering.



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