A Woman’s Worth


womans worthFor the past few weeks I’ve been reading A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson. I snatched this little gem from a friend one day while perusing her bookshelf, a habit I’m notorious for.

The book itself is short, about 150 pages, and unassuming. But once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. To summarize the author talks about how we as women have been denied access to our core being, even taught to ignore and repress it. She touches on how this has negatively affected us–essentially stunting our growth and spiritually killing us. She provides encouragement on how we can get past all of the hindrances that society, family, and relationships have taught us in order to be the queens we’re meant to be.  What Williamson is teaching us is how to manifest our inner Goddess–the Divine Feminine.

I guess the reason why I love this book so much is because it illustrates a current theme in my life. I’m growing, changing, evolving. There is so much positive energy buzzing in and around me. I’m creating much of this energy but there’s a fair amount of it coming from the universe. I am more confident, focused, and grounded than I ever was. Each day brings me more wisdom,  understanding, and a clearer vision as to my life’s purpose. All of this strength is centered around my growing connection to my womanhood, learning how to be ok with myself, and making myself responsible for my happiness.  Reading this book reinforced the seeds I’ve been cultivating for the past three years.

I would definitely recommend this book.



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