Light Beings


I was chatting with a friend of mine while at a gathering and she made a comment that stuck with me. She said that light beings have a lot of spiritual energy and when they leave a room, they take all that energy along with them. So what happens is that those around will follow that person–they go wherever the light/energy flows. What’s interesting is that my friend and I observed this during the gathering. We went off to a secluded corner to talk and within minutes most of the people at the party made their way to where we were. When we moved to another part of the house, the group followed. And it wasn’t as though they were consciously  following us, no one was even interacting with us directly. Yet they were drawn to our energy.

There are many different definitions of what a light being is, from the celestial to the spiritual. And I guess all the various definitions would be correct. There are those who are not of this universe and those who are but yet posses unique spiritual gifts. And then there are those who exude love and light. These are the beings we were referring to during our discussion. We were talking about ourselves.

I’ve always noticed how people tend to be drawn to me. I’ve never quite understood it but I’m constantly finding favor. I do know that I have a strong spirit–a strong aura and I always make it a point to be mindful of the type of energy I put out into the universe. I think this plays a big part in who and what finds its way into my environment.

I think it’s amazing my spirit is recognized by others, to the point where I’m surrounded by other Light Beings such as myself. The pattern is playing a large role in my spiritual development and it providing an interesting turn in the road of my personal journey


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