Zero Hour


“Every life transition has its ‘zero hour,’ that moment when everything that came before it is different from everything that comes after”


My zero hour happened last night after my roommates and I performed a sage ritual on our new home. See, I’ve recently made the biggest decision I’ve made since my decision to file for divorce two years ago; which is to break my lease, give up my apartment, and move in with two other people. A  drastic move indeed. One filled with a lot of apprehension and discomfort. So  my feelings of peace and assurance after the cleansing ritual were confirmation that I had  made the right decision.

The decision aligns with my current life theme. A theme I’ve been focusing my energy on since the retreat I went to back in July– to enmesh myself in an environment of support. I realized that my living situation as it stood did not at all support my long-term professional, personal, and financial goals. Then I was approached with the offer to move in with a friend of mine. It was because we share similar energy and goals that I didn’t turn down the offer outright. From a practical and logistical standpoint, sharing a space (and more importantly, bills) was an ideal opportunity. From an emotional and mental standpoint the idea of giving up the security of my apartment to move in with someone I’ve never lived with before was terrifying. I haven’t had a roommate since my college days. The last person I lived with was my ex but that certainly doesn’t count.

Regardless I was determined not to allow fear to hold me back and pushed forward, stepping out on faith. So much so that I turned in my 30 day notice to my apartment manager before we had a new place secured. Even that seemed to fall into place perfectly. We managed to get our first pick and the house has the perfect set-up for what we want to do with it. We even got a third roommate right before we were due to move in, reducing our already low costs even more.

I’ve only been in the new place for three days now, but I remember walking around the house the other night feeling extremely happy and content with where I was at that particular moment–with what this move represented for me. I’ve relocated before, countless times. My life has never been stable for more than 2-3 years at a time. However none of my moves where as transitional as this one. This move will not only allow me to reach my material goals but it I know that it will be essential in cultivating the spiritual balance that I have been striving to reach.

From this moment on things are going to be completely different. And I greet the change with eagerness. This is my Zero Hour.


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