“We are all vessels–carrying our pain and suffering. And we tend to pour our pain and suffering into the vessel closest to us” Angel Kyodo Williams

As I cultivate inner stillness I find myself breaking the habit of projecting my suffering onto those around me. I also find myself less likely to react to those attempting to project theirs on to me. The above quote by Angel is a very fitting illustration. It’s true that we are all vessels. When we are born we start out empty and open–filing our vessel as we experience life. We carry a mixture of pain, joy, suffering, and happiness.  Sometimes our vessel fills up to a certain point and other times we allow it to overflow. Either way, carrying our spiritual vessel is a burden and we are (subconsciously) always looking to relieve ourselves by pouring what we are carrying into the most available vessel to us.

I feel like this type of behavior has become more prevalent lately. Yet, on deeper thought, I realize that it’s always been there. I’ve just become more aware of its occurrence.  This awareness has helped me to maintain my inner peace.  Understanding other people’s tendency to project keeps me from taking things so personal. It’s not always about me. More importantly, it keeps me from allowing others to fill my vessel with their burdens.


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