Time For A Change



My birthday is coming up in less than a month and it seems like I’m always re-evaluating where I’m at in my life around this time. This year more so than ever because it is the last year of my 20’s. Not to say that life ends at thirty but I feel this period of my life signifies the end of Young Toya J and the awakening of Adult Toya J. In other words, I’m growing the hell up. Finally.

It’s become a pattern of mine to make (and execute) major life changes during my birthday month. As I reflect and observe those around me I notice that many of my friends are moving and/or traveling. Several have quit jobs, packed up, said goodbye to friends and family,  and left places they’ve spent years or their entire lives in. I feel as though the Universe is sending me a subliminal message.

It’s time for me to leave Vegas.

I’ve been wanting to move for a while but  I feel it more than ever that it’s my time to go. I’ve lived here for almost six years now and while I’ve made a good life here I realize that I’ve gotten everything out of this city that I can. I’ve reached my glass ceiling –I can either hover at the top or break through it and move on to other opportunities.

I’ve made the decision to move to Atlanta. I fell in love with that city when I visited last summer. It has a lot of the elements I need–culture, history, beautiful scenery,  professional and educational opportunities, low-cost of living, good people, strong Buddhist community, an overall good vibe. I’m ready to start my own nonprofit and settle down and Atlanta seems to be the best place to start that next phase of my life.

The goal is to be gone by December of 2013. I’m already working on a game plan, connecting with people in Atlanta, scoping out career opportunities, and setting money aside. I am extremely excited about making this change happen.


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