This originally started off as a poem (one that I still have  to finish writing by the way). However, I felt the need to expand on it in a blog post.

My life, as it stands now, is all about connections. It’s been the reoccurring theme since the beginning of this year. When I speak of connections I’m referring to a deep bond shared with another person that can’t be explained–its spiritual. Some would explain the connection as an  indicator of a shared past live experience. Others would call it a soul mate bond or recognition of a fellow kindred spirit. Whatever it is, it’s real.

All my life I have had the ability to draw people to me. Even my astrological chart states that I attract strong spirits. The depth of my connection to another person partly lies outside of myself in something already predetermined (fate I guess I could say), the rest in how much I allow the connection to grow. No two bonds are ever alike. Every experience shared is going to be unique. This doesn’t mean that one connection is better or worse than the other. It simply means that each connection just is —to be  taken as a learning experience as we continue on our path of growth.

I have one extremely strong connection with one woman that cannot be explained, though we both have acknowledged it’s existence. I have another very strong connection with another woman who,  I know deep down in my heart, I cannot be with. There is a similar situation with an involved man. Despite all we’ve been through I still have a bond with my ex husband though I’ve learned how to set boundaries around that. And recently I’ve been battling a connection with someone that threatens, and conflicts with, the one I share with another.

It may seem like a lot but at the end of the day we’re all interconnected, or so Buddhism teaches. It may be that the deeper I get into my spiritual practice the more in touch I become with the connections I share with others. I’m learning not to fear them, to recognize, acknowledge, and embrace them. And balance them.


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