Are We Really Ready For What We Say We Want?


There’s something going on in the universe. I don’t know what it is but what I do know is that much of the conversation around me has been centered around love and relationships.

Almost all of my (single) friends have expressed a desire to be in a relationship. Deeper than that, they say they want to experience a healthy deep sustaining love. But my question is; do they really want it? I mean, from what I observe my friends have no problems getting into situations that have the potential to bring the relationship they want. And they always end up sabotaging the situation walking away from it, or looking for greener pastures. Which leaves me to question the whole intention.

It would make sense that we would naturally cultivate our most hearts desire. And yet we spend so much time destroying the seeds before they have a chance to grow. Everyone has a different reason why they do this but I can only speak for my own experience and for me it’s about not having a firm understanding as to what I want and why I want it, or it is because of a lack of recognition that what I want is already present in my life. In both those cases there’s no way I can honestly say that I am ready for the things I say I want.

What I’m saying is that if you cannot stand firm in what you want.–if you have no clear understanding as to why you want it, then you are not ready for it. If it’s present in your life and you don’t see it for the blessing it is, then you are not ready for it. If you mishandle it, abuse it, walk away from it, or look to other things then you are not ready for it.

So when I have these conversations with my friends, or with myself. The question I always ask is why is there a desire for love/a relationship? Are you/I ready for it?


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