Relationships Are Kinda Like Orbiting Planets


As I become more comfortable with my journey I’m starting to believe that the meaning of life,  the path to enlightenment, is finding that perfect balance. Balance between the spiritual and material world. Balance between our way of life and how we make our living. Balance between our internal and external environment. And especially balance between our various relationships.

I am by nature an introvert. I enjoy my solitude. I’m not a fan of big crowds or being the center of attention. I typically have a very small number of  close friends who I hold dear and spend time with. But even an introvert needs to connect with others. So I’ve recently opened myself up to dating. On top of that I’ve also dedicated myself more to my art. With all of this going on I’ve met a lot of new people, maintained relationships with  old friends, and immersed myself in multiple projects.  All of this activity has left me feeling extremely off-balance. Having to juggle all of my projects with all of my relationships has me feeling as though I’m being pulled in a million different directions.

When I sit back to reflect on it I realize that relationships are like planets in orbit. We each are our own individual planet or star gallivanting about on our particular course. We randomly cross another planet and one of two things will happen 1-we cross paths and continue on our individual courses or 2- we cross paths and are pulled/attracted to that other planet.

When  #2 occurs one of the planets is pulled off its original path. It will either orbit around the other planet or it will follow the same course as that planet. In this case, it’s always the planet with the most gravitational pull that will throw the other  off its course.

I use this metaphor because I’m constantly attracting others to me–like some bright ass sun star. I don’t just cross paths with others I collide with them. What tends to happen is a type of power struggle where they attempt to pull me into their  orbit while I am training to maintain mine.

I’m currently experiencing this power struggle now. My gravitational pull is strong enough to attraction others and it’s strong enough to stay its course but it doesn’t always happen that way. There are times where I allow myself to get sucked into some else’s master plan and it isn’t until I’m deep in the black hole trying to crawl my way out that I realize what’s happened.

I guess what I need to remain mindful of is the strength of my own power. I am complete control of my relationships, my interactions with others, and the activities I participate in. It’s not about the power struggle. It’s possible to cross paths with a person and maintain my own course while also aligning with theirs. All with the right balance.


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