Sudden Turns In The Road


Our journey is a series of small, almost insignificant, events that culminate into gradual life changes. Most of the time the shifts are so minuscule we barely feel the impact–we flow with the changes. There are times, however, when an event occurs so major that we feel exactly the point where everything changes.

I experienced this exactly seven days ago.

That’s when I saw her at one of my favorite open mic sets. She’s a poet but I didn’t realize it then. I ended up dipping out before having a chance to see her perform but she didn’t need to get on the mic in order for me to notice her. She caught my attention as soon as she walked onto the set.  There was just something about her that drew me. Funny, she thought the same exact thing about me though I didn’t find that out until a bit later.

I was much too shy to approach her then and I didn’t think I would see her again. The very next day I ran into her at another poetry set and I actually got the courage to speak to her. I later connected with her via social networking and we’ve talked and hung out since then. She was quick to tell me that she was attracted to me from the moment she first saw me.

She’s an amazing person. What I find interesting is that we have so much in common but enough differences to where I’m forced  out of my comfort zone and I love that. Her honesty and willingness to be vulnerable is refreshing and her energy makes a person want to be around her.

It’s funny because we have acknowledged that we both like each other, a lot. We also acknowledge that neither of us are  exactly in the best place to pursue a  romantic relationship and we’re ok with that. I think we’ve worked out some friendship-dating hybrid arrangement (lol). I recognize that I stand a lot to gain by being around her. She has a lot to offer/teach in terms of wisdom and I know that having her in my life will help me to grow in a thousand different ways.  We both don’t know where this is headed but wherever it does go will be an amazing journey.

It’s something when you meet someone you know will change your life in a very big way.


3 thoughts on “Sudden Turns In The Road

  1. I am often amazed at much you have changed & grown and coming more into yourself. I see you becoming more comfortable in life, in your skin. As friend its always a wonderful feeling when people you care for are truly happy. ***positive energy your way*** 😉 LOL!!!

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