Trying Again a.k.a Going (ass) Backwards


Life is a forward moving progression, a series of cycles. All cycles have a beginning and ending. At least, they should anyway. I’ve never understood the concept of “trying again”, what I call going ass backwards. Just as cycles play a huge part in a person’s life, so does timing. Everything we do in life is all about timing. Sometimes people and/or situations come into the picture and the final outcome is all about the timing of their appearance. Some cases the timing is perfect and other times it’s all wrong.

I’m going to speak only about when people come into our lives. When the person approaches as a prospective intimate relationship and the timing is off it’s almost a guaranteed that the relationship will self implode. Sometimes the train wreck is so bad that there’s no walking away from it completely intact. The damage to the relationship is irreparable. That cycle is ended. We lick our wounds, take in the lesson, and move on.

But sometimes we don’t always move on. Time passes. We may reconnect with that person and decide that we want to try the relationship again. We expect that things will be different because time has passed. Our circumstances might be different. But here’s the thing that most of us have no awareness of,

it doesn’t matter how much time has passed or how different our circumstances if we are still the same person deep down inside

Meaning that if there has been no personal growth, if we haven’t changed our habits or perspective then “trying again” with someone from our past is going to yield the same exact results. We’re going backwards in every sense of the phrase. It will be the same script with a different cast. Every time and without fail.

A forward moving progression means looking to the future without looking backwards. It means accepting and letting go. It means leaving the space for better things to come.


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