Emotional Brokenness


A few days ago I watched a foreign film called Raja.  Since this not a movie review I won’t give a full synopsis. In summary it’s about an older wealthy French man (Fred) who becomes infatuated with a much younger Moroccan girl (Raja). With the economic, cultural, social, and age differences the two already have their fair share of challenges. However what heightens the conflict is the fact that they are both emotionally crippled in their own way. Fred appears to be lonely, depressed, and slightly bipolar. Raja is desperate,  guarded, manipulative, and mistrustful. What occurs is a two-hour display of  the “cat and mouse” game and tormented love that does not end the way one would expect.

The movie, though a bit unsettling, is extremely emotionally honest. It offers a very realistically glimpse into what happens when two people who are completely wrong for each other are drawn to each other. One movie reviewer said the following about the film…

It took me a long time thinking about this movie before I could decide whether I like it or not. This is a difficult movie for me to digest. On the surface it is about people who emotionally broken and how that affect their relationships with others. The emotional brokenness also brings about selfishness. It is a messy story.

The movie’s theme, emotional brokenness, sat with me. When I think about the movie’s two main characters, they had several outside barriers to their relationship. However the ones that caused the most damage were their individual inner conflicts. Both characters see that what they have could be great but they simply can’t get it together in order to make it work.

At one point in the movie Raja tells Fred “You destroy! You destroy!” It’s a very profound statement because it illustrates what happens when a person is in a relationship but yet cannot open themselves up fully. They may want all of their partner without being capable of giving the same in return.  There is a selfishness that results which ultimately destroys the relationship. It is impossible to maintain a healthy relationship if you are emotionally broken, and it is equally as impossible to remain in a relationship with a person who is emotionally broken. No matter how badly both parties may want the relationship.

I’ve observed such relationships. I’ve even been in a few myself. That may be why this movie really struck a chord with me. It’s kind of sad to see how much a person’s emotional handicap can hinder and/or destroy their relationships with others. Sometimes a person isn’t aware of it, and other times they are aware but aren’t capable of doing any different. The most they can do is sit back and watch the destruction.

This is such a complex topic with no real answers so for once I don’t have any opinions to offer. Only my reflections. I would definitely recommend watching the movie.




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