Life is a series of random, seemingly insignificant events that culminate into that one Moment. Month by month. Day by day. Second by second.

I think about the events that led me here to this Moment. A less than ideal marriage that fostered a very unlikely friendship. A friendship that supported my talent. A talent that led me to the open mic scene. An open mic scene that allowed me  meet some very wonderful and talented artists. A chance meeting that developed into a close relationship with one particular artist. A relationship that, at the moment and due to other series of events, can never be anything more than a friendship.


The story doesn’t end there. Because now this artist is about to embark on a tour bus size journey and I’ve been offered to come along for the ride-reserved seat status.

I guess I’m thrown and honored to be a part of this tight circle because when I initiated a relationship with this artist I simply wanted to get to know him. If circumstances had been different I would have dated him but when we both realized it wasn’t meant to be I was perfectly content to remain friends. When he needed a listening ear or a favor I offered what I could, not because I wanted/expected something from him, but because he asked it of me. Nothing more and nothing less.  What I didn’t realize was just how much those little things–how much my friendship meant to him. Now it looks like what I put out there is going to be returned to me tenfold. And I wasn’t even expecting it. I never expected anything in return.

People often underestimate the seeds they are planting. Most of us aren’t mindful of the energy we generate, the karma we create. Not until it comes back to us, whether it be positive or negative. I learned a long time to always pay attention to how I handle situations and how I treat people. Whenever I do anything for anyone or initiate a relationship/friendship I do so from a position of generosity and sincerity. Those are the type of seeds I plant. It makes for very rich fruit.

What kind of seeds are you planting?


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