I’m slowly
Coming undone
Like the confused knots
In the chain I wear around my neck
The charm that protects my heart
I feel picked apart
And exposed
With no idea on how to start
To uncover this mystery
Such dangerous territory
I tread freely
And I forgot the map somewhere
My one flaw of many
Is that I’ve never had the patience for directions
This feeling of coming undone
Is like an unraveling
Of the soul
With a lack of control
That’s so out of character
A wanting so strong
It’s shameful
He came
And so casually turned my world upside down
Leaving no real choice
In the right or wrong of things
But as easily as he upset my world
He gently picked it up
And held it in his hand
Such a unique man
To unsettle me so
Left with absolutely no clue
On what to do with myself
Or him
So I watch pieces of myself fall away
Without protest
Because I’m almost sure
I want it this way

©2011 by Toya J


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