You couldn’t imagine

How badly I wanted you

Though you weren’t mine

You said you thought

We’d be dangerous

And that was no lie

I didn’t know

 I could have had you

You played me off like a pro

And all the while

I spent months

Watching you

That subtle masculinity

The way you smiled so easily

Even in a crowded room

For me there was always just you

I caught the way you’d look at me

Desire just barely held in check

Such apparent chemistry

And yet

I still had no idea

How much you wanted me

I just

Waited for you to say something

I waited

And when it finally came

It was your eyes rather than your lips

That extended the invitation

For me to stay

From your bed

I had to walk away

In my heart

I wanted to take it there

Yours was a place I needed to go to

Such a hard man to say no to

But I had to

Because I knew exactly what you meant by dangerous

With barely enough control

I stopped us

Shutting the door

Leaving regret on the other side

What might have been

But when you said to me

“You should come back”

I knew right then

This wasn’t the end

© 2011 by Toya J


3 thoughts on “Dangerous

  1. Lovely poetry. I really liked the beat created in this scene ‘Such apparent chemistry/And/yet/I still had no idea/How much you wanted me/I just/Waited for you to say something/I waited.’ You’ve got some real talent. I’d love to see your contribution to Ermiliablog’s weekly Picture it & write inspirational activity. You write in response to a photograph. I really liked the story you evoked in the poem, there was so much depth.


    – Ermisenda

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