With The Fall Comes…THE HOLIDAYS!!! And Other Great Things.


Ok so I know fall in Vegas would never look like this. However, that doesn’t stopping me from loving this season. As much as I talk badly about this desert I will admit that it’s absolutely gorgeous in the fall months (October-mid December).

I can’t believe that I’ll be celebrating yet another Thanksgiving. The year has gone by so quickly. Which I’m thankful for because it wasn’t the easiest year for me. Not emotionally at least. Thanksgiving this year will actually be different for me. Instead of going to California to visit family, my mother will be coming out to Vegas. We have plans to go to a buffet rather than me cooking. I guess you can say that we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in true Vegas fashion.  I’ll also have the opportunity to spend time with a friend of mine who I haven’t seen since they moved away back in February. I’ve missed them more than I’m willing to admit. I think that and being able to put up my Christmas tree are the highlights of my November.

The fall/winter month’s are such a dormant time.  Animals hibernate. Insects retreat underground. The earth literally goes silent. I think that’s why I’ve always been the most introspective during this time.  This season leaves me reflecting on where I’ve been and where I’m at, and making plans on where I want to be. I’ve accomplished many of the goals I set for myself last year. In many ways I’ve exceeded the expectations I had for myself and now it’s all about setting higher goals. So what is going to be my focus for the upcoming year of 2012?

First and foremost I’ve decided that I need to take much better care of myself, from the inside out. It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions but it’s something I decided to start now and not wait until January 1st.  I’ve been exercising but my eating habits haven’t been the best. To remedy this I’ve gone vegetarian, something that has drastically changed how I eat. I also realize that I’ve been seriously neglecting my skin. It’s always been extremely sensitive, prone to random break outs. I did some research and found some pretty effective ways to maintain healthy skin, a combination of vitamins, facial cleansers, and natural skin oils. I’m already starting to see a huge difference. Lastly (and most importantly) I’ve decided to start dressing better. Not that I don’t dress nice already. But I’ve lost a ton of weight within the last year, hell in the last three months,  and it’s time for me to dress my size. Most of my wardrobe is over sized and ill-fitting. But I will be replacing my entire closet very soon. Something I am super excited about.

My other big project is my poetry. My friend told me the other day that I am growing as an artist. I found that comment kind of amazing because I’ve yet to see myself as any kind of artist. I’m a person who writes and recites poetry. Toya J is nobody’s “artist”. And yet I’m doing the open mics. People are starting to know who I am and look for me at events. I’m low-key developing a fan base. So I guess that would make me an artist. I recently got an idea to create a separate blog site strictly for my poetry. I was this close to adding another WordPress site. Then I started really thinking about it. I figure if I’m going to take this step I’d better do it right. I’m currently in the stages of putting together a really awesome .com site for my poetry. Not going to give too many details on that because I want it to be a surprise. I plan to launch it January 1st.

There’s also my ongoing goal concerning school and work, and of course traveling. I already have all my trips planned out for 2012, including my annual meditation retreat and my birthday trip to Tokyo. So while I end this amazing year by spending time with those closest to me I’m also planning for another amazing year coming up.


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