The Idea of Things (The Heart’s Mirage)


**I gotta thank a much needed heart to heart conversation with the former mom-in-law for the inspiration behind this one**

This woman standing before you

Is she as grand as you imagined?

Does she meet all of your expectations?

Your idea of things

And how they should be

Your heart’s mirage

Do you see her flaws?

Are her phantoms

Strong enough to destroy your illusion

You chased after her avatar

Like a prophet travelling deserts

Searching for the meaning of life

Did you find yours in her embrace?

Or have you placed her so high on her pedestal

That you failed to notice

The frayed ends of her fine robes

And that her feet

Are bare and calloused underneath

Is her golden hollow idol fit for prostrations?

What do you see

When you look at this woman

Standing before you

Is it her you love?

Or the myth you created

Her story

Is divinely inspired

But I’m sure if you allow the silence

And truly listen

You’ll hear her faintly whispering

Her own legacy

An oral tradition so much richer

Than the story you created

What happens

When the woman of your false eye

Cannot deliver your salvation

Will you leave her buried and forgotten?

Your love for her a lost relic

When her miracles fall short

And her prophesies prove untrue

What will her image then look like?

Will you still follow her faithfully

Or seek a new idol to worship

There are some fools

They say

That reality cannot measure up

To what we conjure in our minds

But the truth is

Our false eye

Is a kind of poison

For it never allows us

The gift of what is truly there

We grasp at air

And attempt to weave it

Into something concrete

Placing blind faith

In our idea of things

And falling in love

With our heart’s mirage

©2011 by Toya J


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