What A Psychic Told Me



Last Friday my friend took me down the Fremont Street to see this psychic she’s been raving about for weeks. According to her this woman is “the truth”. Me being the curious adventurous person I am I figure “why not?” and went down there to check her out.

Mrs. Helen is this little old European lady who operates her business out of a red wagon right outside the Fitzgerald. She reminds  you of your grandmother.  Literally. She spent the first thirty minutes fussing at my friend for coming during the weekend, instead of the weekday when it’s less busy, then she spent another ten minutes bossing us around. Since my friends been to see Mrs. Helen a few times  she let me sit down with her first. Choosing between the tarots and the palm I decided to get my palm read.

The very first thing Mrs. Helen told me was that I was going to live a very long life. That surprised me because I was told the exact same thing a several years ago by another psychic. She went on to say that my long life would give me plenty of time to develop patience because, as it stands now, I don’t have much. That made me laugh because it’s true. What made me  a believer was when she told me that I needed to stay put, that I’m always feeling like I need to move somewhere. She also said that right now I’m very worried about money but that my financial situation will change for the better starting next year and that I will be very successful financially and professionally. I was amazed because she was dead on with both of those comments, especially the last one in regards to me being worried about money.

She told me that my love life was currently empty, meaning that I was not heavily involved with anyone (another accurate statement, lol). She said that I was in a relationship with someone who was unstable but now that situation is finished and done with. She advised me to be careful moving forward with who I get involved with.

She then told me to ask her one question. This kind of threw me off because I really didn’t know what to ask her. After a minute I asked her where would I be a year from now. She said that she couldn’t tell me where I would be physically, but that in a year from now I’d be in a serious relationship with someone , that I would be very happy, and that I would be wherever that relationship took me.

I left Mrs. Helen’s little red wagon with a lot to reflect on. I guess only time will tell if her predictions come true.


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