Here in the Darkness


I want to take a moment to talk about the muse behind this particular piece. There’s this song called Relief (<–link to song) by one of my favorite artists, Me”Shell Ndegeocello. It’s a very sultry seductive song and in the lyrics there’s a line where she whispers “Here in the darkness….only God can see everything we do.” I love that line. It’s always stood out to me. It brings to mind our most intimate moments where only ourselves and God is a witness to what it is we’re doing.  It is from that concept (and personal experience) that this poem was born.Enjoy!


This thing, this beautiful sin

Skin touching skin

The thrill on an open secret

Here in the darkness

Only God can see

Everything we do

Here in the darkness

Unintentional attraction

Raises the ante

While excited anticipation

Lowers panties

What goes down between us

In the darkness

Where only God can see

I catch your scent between my legs

On my lips

And in my sheets

The only evidence of you and me

A different kind of smell

A different kind of wanting

Here in the darkness

Resides our strange intensity

Shadows of lust and hands

Trail your body

And I find myself always desiring

Passionate kisses

Motivate our every move

No rhyme or reason

But we always find ourselves

Here in the dark

With arched backs

And legs apart

No one is a witness

To our mischief

Only us

And God can see

Everything we do

©2011 by Toya J


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