Scratching the Surface


I want to know you

Though I must confess

I’m absurdly inept

When it comes to scratching the surface

An affliction of my sign

Leos aren’t designed

To exhibit patience

We’d rather claw through

But, I want to know you

I want to know the man

And not the idea of him

I’m too proud to call it a crush

Let’s label it a very strong curiosity

Strong enough to murder

Any pretense at subtlety

So please forgive me in advance

If my attempts seem clumsy

I’m just trying to know you

To see if what’s on the inside

Is as beautiful as what I see

On the outside

I want to understand

 The muse behind your creativity

I want to gauge the essence

Of your masculinity

I want to figure out

What makes you so damn sexy

I want to know your life’s story

I’m too perceptive to see the mask

So I ask

That you take it off

It’s not necessary

Because I just want to know you

© 2011 by Toya J


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