The Dating Moratorium


My dating moratorium has been lifted!

Though I’m aware that I never made any type of major announcement that I was sitting out of the dating game.

I made the decision a few months ago after several back to back unfortunate events forced me to take a time out and re-evaluate my dating choices. All of them, from the folks I was feeling to the jump-offs. I let all of it go for a little bit of self-reflection and peace. I realized that I wasn’t picking the right type of people to get involved with-a realization that required a lot of self-examination.

That was five months ago. Since then I’ve gained a lot more clarity on things, though I will admit that I don’t have it all figured out. I think that I have enough resolved to not continue making the same dating mistakes over and over.

So what does all this mean? Nothing major, other than now I’m open to meeting and spending time with new people whereas before I had kind of shut myself off.  Huge emphases on the new. I have decided that I will not go backwards anymore. I figure that if a person was given a chance and they blew it then that’s on them. The opportunity should be given to someone else. With the help of some friends I’ve been getting out the house more. Putting myself in the social situations necessary to meet people, which is cool. There are some people who have expressed an interest in me.  One of which seemed random and to come out of nowhere. What’s crazy is that the bulk of the attention I’ve gotten recently came from the open mic I did last week, something I didn’t expect to happen. I guess artistic is what’s hot in the streets, lol.

Still I’m not looking for my next  relationship, or love, or life partner. I want what I’ve always wanted, someone to spend time and have fun with, with no drama and/or expectations.  Simple as that. The only thing I can really say I’m looking for is what I deserve.


2 thoughts on “The Dating Moratorium

  1. The more I enjoy understanding the Sexual Marketplace & The Economics of Sex, it is no wonder why the 30+ year old women have issues…

    Pretty much most of the women want the same small pool of men… Giving these men untold amount of sexual choice… 9 times out of 10 men will go younger, hotter, tighter, & slimmer…

    And the key here is that once women get a taste of alpha/celebrity/ dick (which this guy only wants her sexually, but not for Long Term Relations), she cannot accept the regular dude she sees that probably would be a good fit for her… The bar was set too high for most men to meet…

    This quagmire really has no easy answers… I just hope you are one of the lucky women out there who finds what she wants… There are too many casualties in the current SMP, and when the next generation of 30 year old women come up, things will really get interesting…


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