Open Mic Night


Last night I finally made it to an open mic. A while ago I wrote a post about my love of poetry and the desire to dive into it a bit more. I’ll admit that I had been willfully dragging my feet for the past several months on hitting any spoken word events. I haven’t actively been in the poetry scene since I moved to Vegas thought it’s not as though I haven’t had many opportunities. I’ve been writing a lot and for every one poem I’ve posted on this blog there are three unpublished.

Recently a friend of mine approached me about writing a piece to go along with one of the songs she’s doing for some music she’s putting together. I created something for her but I wasn’t sure how she’d like it or if it even went with the concept of her song. Needless to say she loved it. So much so that she asked me to write more for a few of her other songs. She warned me that once people heard me on her music that other artists would come knocking wanting me to work with them. I figure that since my name was going to be put out there that I needed to stop being so scary. I needed to get used  to being back on stage performing in front of others.

So on Friday me and some folks hit up Laziza’s Hookah Lounge. Every Friday night the venue hosts an open mic. Anybody can get up and spit whatever they want so you’ll see a wide range of talent from local MCs, comedians, singers, and spoken word artists. I love the venue, it’s a bar/restaurant with good drinks and food. The setting is real laid back and intimate too and the crowd nice. Even still, I was nervous as hell to get up on stage. My poetry is so raw and revealing and I didn’t know how it would be received by the audience. I almost didn’t go up. It took my folks to pull the event host to the side and add my name to the performance list. That, and a few drinks. So I got up there and did a short piece. With the lights and being on stage I couldn’t really see the audience to check their reaction. All I know though, is that by the end of my piece the entire room was quite. I was a little worried until everyone started applauding. I got mad love though. More than a few of the other performers approached me afterward to  get my contact and see if I would be interested in doing other events. It was almost overwhelming.

It seems like overnight I was able to take my creative outlet to the next level. I even got support in the least possible place I would have ever expected it. I appreciate the folks that not only took the time to roll with me to Laziza’s but who made my scary self get up on stage.  I’m not so nervous anymore and I know it won’t take me long to get used to performing in front of others. What I think I love most about the whole thing is that I was immediately taken in by a whole new circle of  artistic and positive people. It was phone numbers and Facebook requests all night. I’m excited to see where this is going to lead me.



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