Going Back To Cali


Yesterday it was just a crazy  reckless thought born out of frustration and anger but when I woke up this morning it became a cold determination. I’ve decided to quit my job, pack my things, and move back to California.

I’ve had enough of Vegas.

I’m fed up and I don’t care anymore. There’s nothing for me here and no reason for me to stay. If I were to be honest with myself I should have left last summer. Living here was never in my master plan. I moved here for a person and relationship  that neither worked out nor treated me gently. And yet when things fell apart I stayed. I tried to make lemonade out of my lemons but I’ve spent the whole part of a year sipping on a fresh batch made with water, lemons, and ice but missing the sugar . A sour after taste. There are days when I make the best out of being here and others where I’ve never been so unhappy to live somewhere in all my life. I need a fresh start. A truly fresh start that will allow me to move forward without looking back.

The goal is to try to be gone within the next couple of months, end of October,  or at least by the end of this year if  I need more time. The few close friends I have here will probably miss me and the rest…..well, who knows. People can talk a good game about how they’ll be sad to see you go but in the meantime will bullshit and waste time until it’s too late. Oh well. It is what it is.

Guess I’d better get to planning.


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