Fun and Fuckery and Other Such Things in the ATL


Earlier this month my job presented me  with the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, GA for a week for training. When it was confirmed that I was going I was super excited. Atlanta had long been on my list of places to visit as I’ve been considering moving there for some time now. Even better was the fact that it was an all expense paid trip. I figured that the smartest thing for me to do was to take full advantage of the opportunity.

I went with my good friend and colleague @S0ldadera and let me tell you, we had so much fun. The moment I touched down I fell in love with the city. First I have to say that there is nothing like southern hospitality. I might seem a bit deprived by admitting this but I was overwhelmed by how friendly the locals were. Everyone was so nice and helpful to  a degree that isn’t seen here on the west coast. Another thing I loved was the environment. It’s empowering to be surrounded by so many beautiful successful Black people.

Since I went there for business I will speak about that first. I always love when I attend trainings for my employer because it’s a great opportunity to network. There were over 2,000 people present from housing agencies and non profits all over the country. The event itself provided over 50 workshops and trainings.  I can say that it was one of the most beneficial trainings I’ve attended. I love learning about my industry. The information I obtained from the workshops and from talking with others in my field was very motivational. I walked away more focused on my goals and with a clearer idea of which direction I want to take my career.

While I was there I took the time to tour one of the colleges I’m considering for graduate school, Georgia State, whose campus is absolutely beautiful. It’s like a city within a city. I also hopped on the Marta (which I love by the way, you can go anywhere in the city without needing  a car) and explored the surrounding area. I even checked out some apartments. The cost of living is less expensive than Las Vegas and the job market not as destitute. More points for ATL!!

Once me and @S0ladera were done with business it was time to have some fun. We did have some random adventures in between. One day @S0ladera decides she wants to walk to the grocery store which was a few blocks away from our hotel , so I agree to walk with her. Well she failed to tell me that we had to pass by Crack Park in order to get to the grocery store. Yes, the locals really nick-named it that though the real name is Renaissance Park. But to quote @S0ladera “You can tell bad things happen there”. The nick name is pretty self-explanatory. Though the area is seedy nobody bothered us but I felt like a character in Daybreakers trying to walk to the grocery store and back to our hotel before it got dark.

Oh and while we were on that excursion we saw some random spot called Club Goosebumps: Adult Fantasy Bar. We still aren’t  quite sure what goes down in Club Goosebumps and we are still wondering who gives their establishment such a name.  If there are any ATL locals reading this blog, kindly do me a favor and tell me what Club Goosebumps is all about.

Towards the end of our stay @S0ldadera and I decide to get really cute and hit the town. I will admit, nightlife in ATL is definitely different. We went out on a Friday night but I guess a lot of the really cool spots are only open on Saturdays. Since we couldn’t go to the club of our choice we went instead to this place called Door 44. First of all, this spot advertised “upscale dressy” attire as the dress code. But what we didn’t know is that in Atlanta upscale dressy means jeans, blouse, and some high heels. As cute as we were we were totally overdressed but we had fun anyway. The funniest thing about that night was the fact that Door 44 was a bar/lounge in the middle of a residential area. As a matter of fact, all the clubs and bars in that area were in between houses and apartments. I had never seen anything like it in my life. We literally had to walk up someone’s porch and open a screen door to get into the bar. I laughed about that all night. Oh, and we won’t even talk about the creepy hotel security guard that propositioned @S0ldadera after we got back from the club.

Overall I really enjoyed my trip to Atlanta. It’s definitely at the top of my list of places to relocate to. Since the people are so friendly and are not afraid to approach strangers I was able to meet some really cool new folks.  I could tell that dating in Atlanta is a lot more promising than in Vegas– I was approached quite a bit by men during my short time there.  More importantly is that there seems to be a lot more professional and educational opportunities there as well.

Oh and I have to shoutout @HeavyHand for giving us a ride from our hotel. And his crazy uncle, who I nicknamed “Uncle Buckhead”. Uncle Buckhead spent the entire weekend trying to get at @S0ldadera.

I will certainly be back in ATL very soon.


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