When Toya J Goes “Street Bitch”


There are two sides to Toya J.

There’s the sweet, caring, loyal,  patient, optimistic Toya J. This Toya J will be there when you need her, won’t judge you for anything you do, and will do anything for you that she can. She is also pretty laid back and amicable. She doesn’t anger easily and lets a lot of stuff roll off her back. She prefers to laugh and have fun over being mean and negative. This is the Toya J that most people see.

Then there’s the other Toya J. This is the one who will get up in your ass if she has to. The hot-tempered, take no shit Toya J. This is the one who will grab a knife in one hand and a broken bottle in the other and dare you to come mess with her. This Toya J is someone you should never, ever cross because she is cold-blooded. Loyalty in a non factor for this Toya J.  She will not hesitate to ruin your life  and will do so without  so much as a guilty conscience. Very few people have seen this face but the few that have did not come out of the situation unburned.

I call this other side of me going “Street Bitch”. Not hood, because there’s a difference between being hood and being street. Hood folks can still be cowards, plus,  I’m still classy in my wrath. Besides being street still requires a certain level of cunning. No, this is me going toe to toe on some straight gangsta shit with a person I feel has crossed me.

I’ve only gone street bitch a few times in my life. Most of which happened when I was younger. No surprise right?  We’re all reckless in our youth. Nowadays I tend to be the model of still waters but every now and then the street bitch will rise to the surface. The most recent was a month ago when I had to confront a “friend” of mine I lent money to and neglected to pay me back.

It wasn’t so much the fact that he owed me money. I could have been ok with not getting it back if he would have just come to me and been real about not having it. It was the fact that he was trying to game me to get out of paying me back. It went from subtle excuses and blow offs to blatant lies.  Add to him owing me money is the fact that this dude completely took advantage of me. He also underestimated me. Because I’m always so nice and understanding he figured he could get away with bullshitting me

Man was he wrong in his assumption.

It took a month before I got fed up and when I did it was ugly. He saw that other side of me. The street bitch. And he was not prepared for it. I won’t go into detail as to what I exactly did but I will say that one should make sure that the person they double cross does not have access to their Facebook, phone number, personal e-mail, parents home address, and girlfriend’s phone number and e-mail. By the time I was finished with him his parents knew things he’d rather they not and he had one less girlfriend. Most importantly, he learned not to ever try to run game on me. Sweetest of all, I got my money back.

Moral of the story, don’t let the easy-going nature, smile, and sweet voice fool you. You never know what’s lurking underneath a person’s nature. It’s for this reason that I never underestimate anyone for any reason. And it’s never in one’s best interest to cross someone who has done them a kindness.


One thought on “When Toya J Goes “Street Bitch”

  1. LOL! Dont let the smooth taste fool ya, huh??? And why are you always trying to cut somebody?!?!?! I remember you telling me that, the first time I met you IRL! *Walks away*…why she so violent????

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