On A Personal Note: 5~13~11


First and foremost…

A place for my head: I need to recenter myself. That is something I clearly recognize. It’s easy to relate life to a song. The other day A Place For My Head by Linkin Park came on my Pandora:

I’m so sick of the tension, sick of the hunger

Sick of you acting like I owe you this

FInd another place to feed your greed

While I find a place to rest

A place for my head is exactly what I need. A calm, still place. I find myself not really caring about what others are (or aren’t) doing. Their wants, needs, or expectations aren’t at all a priority. Call it apathy, or maybe a latent selfishness rearing it’s ugly yet necessary head. But putting so much energy into others is becoming very unappealing these days. It’s not so much that I’m in “all about me” mode. It’s more that I realize that now is the critical time for me to nurture myself. That place I need won’t be found outside myself so looking to another person to provide it is a total waste of time. I have to create my own sanctuary.

Goals: It’s amazing to see how all of my hard work is manifesting. Most, if not all, of the mini projects and large goals I’ve set for myself are being realized, both personally and professionally. It’s a great feeling to succeed in the things you’ve dedicated yourself to. It’s made me a lot more confident about what I can accomplish and I’ve developed a much more positive outlook about my life. It makes me want to continue to push myself past my limits.

Randoms: I’m looking forward to my summer travel plans. Annual meditation retreat in San Francisco, training in Nashville, a visit to ATL and Seattle, and my birthday Cabo trip of course. I’ve been wanting to jet set forever so I’m loving that I will actually be able to make it happen. The fun times to come will definitely provide plenty of topics for the blog.

I still don’t get the dating thing but I’m learning to be more patient with it. The experiences are pretty…..interesting, to say the least. I do know one thing though, it’s nice to have options. A topic I may post about later.

I’m still on the countdown. Sixteen months until I leave Vegas and move on to the next chapter in my life.

Will you love me when I’m gone?….


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