The Countdown Begins!!!!!


When I first started this blog one of my first posts detailed all the goals I wanted to accomplish within a year. The two biggest goals on that list were graduate school and the Peace Corps. Well it looks like I’m that much closer to reaching those goals.

September 2012 is the date.

Sixteen months. That’s when I expect to be closing the chapter on Las Vegas and starting a new one, title to be determined. It’s taken me a full year to figure out my career and educational goals and to get myself on my feet.  I am still discovering who I am but at least I’ve gotten an important part of my journey figured out. I’ve never been more focused and motivated in my life. Nor have I ever been more sure that this is the right path for me.

Mission Get the Fuck Outta Dodge has officially kicked off.

It’s funny. When I talk to others about my plans they always respond with this certainty that I will be able to do exactly what I want to accomplish. Yeah I’m confident in my abilities but I also recognize the enormity of my goals and there are times when the bigger picture intimidates me. I sometimes ask myself if I can pull it off, despite the fact that no one doubts me. I just find it amazing and humbling that others believe in me so much. When people expect nothing but great things from you it makes you want to be great. I guess I just have to give myself permission to be great.


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