The Rollercoaster Stops Here


Rollercoasters are always fun when you first get on.

You’re strapped in, for safety of course. You slowly start ascending. Traveling upward, you’re excited with anticipation. This is a new adventure.  The higher you go the more amazing the view. You finally reach the top and you feel exhilarated, as though you can conquer the world. Then there is that slight pause before the rollercoaster drops, and all you can do is hold on and clench your stomach until the ride is over. Up. Down. Up. Down.

I want the madness to stop.

I’ve always hated rollercoasters. I’ve been riding this emotional ride for far too long. The cost to ride is too high.  It’s mentally and emotionally draining and it takes so much out of me. It stopped being fun a long time ago and, just like a rollercoaster, it goes around in circles. Passing the same places multiples times, ultimately ending in the same place it began. Going everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. I want peace. I want stability.

I’m ready to get off.


2 thoughts on “The Rollercoaster Stops Here

    • It’s something that comes with experience, age, and maturity. When you figure out what you want and deserve and realize what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like.

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