Toya J Gets To Travel!!!



In about four months I will be boarding a plane in anticipating of spending six days at a nice little resort called Cabo Azul. Yes, Toya J will be spending her 28th birthday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Cabo Azul Resort

(me in a bikini in one of those bungalows sipping a margarita, on the rocks)

I am super excited. Mainly because I’ve been trying to take a trip to Mexico for a very long time. Hell, I’ve been trying to travel for a very long time. Like out of the country traveling.  I got my passport three years ago and I have yet to put some stamps in it. Also, I am very big on birthdays. I love to celebrate everyone’s birthday, especially mine. The last couple of years I’ve tried to plan my birthday around others. Needless to say that turned out to be a bust. This year I decided to switch gears and do my own thing. I set my plans and while I invited folks to join in on the festivities, I’m hopping on that plane regardless of whether I have an entourage of friends in tow or not. Toya J has no problem going anywhere by herself.

And me being the über organized person I am (see previous post) I am already planning next year’s birthday (Thailand) and the Big 30 (Brazil, if I’m not serving in the Peace Corp by then). I also plan on tossing in a couple of cruises in the mix. In the meantime my domestic travels include ATL, Seattle, Indianapolis, and of course The Bay when I go for my annual retreat in June.

What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t cost all that much to travel if one plans it right. Plane tickets to certain countries may be expensive but every country has a low travel season that guarantees cheaper flights. Oftentimes getting there is half the battle, especially if traveling to a country that has a currency rate less than the USD (such as Mexico, Thailand, Caribbean, etc). This economic benefit is helpful in terms of lodging, where you can spend multiple days at a hotel or resort and spend about a third of what you would staying at a place in the US. The same principle applies to dining, shopping, excursions etc.

So yeah, I’m ready to pull out the passport and get my grown woman travel on!


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