Lists, Summer Projects, & Improvements


So the general consensus amongst all my friends, family, peers, and colleagues is that I am über organized. Others consider it an asset. Me, I kind of think I’m a bit OCD with it. As a über organized person one of my obsessions quirks habits is lists. I tend to write a list for everything. Goals, places to visit, to do’s, projects, I’ll turn any and everything into a list and then set an action plan as though it’s some high priority top-secret military mission. It might sound like an exaggeration but sadly it is the truth. As anal as it may sound my technique works and is the reason why I am so successful at a lot of the things I set out to do.

As the summer approaches I feel the need to start a few mini projects and improve on some things that I’m very much lacking in. I pick the summertime because it’s usually the time where I’m the least busy with other obligations. I’ve developed two lists, one for summer projects and the other for all the things I want to do better in. So without further delay here goes (I promise it’s not as exciting as I’m making it seem):

Summer Projects

  • Make photo albums-I really need to print all my pictures and put them into photo albums. I have over 400 pictures just sitting in my digital camera.
  • Grant project-The end of last year I committed to helping a friend write some grants for his non-profit. It’s not so much the writing of the grant but the research that takes the most time.
  • Clean and organize my storage-Not much to expand on here. My storage is a hot mess. Enough said.
  • My poetry-I swear I been talking (and posting) about this for months. I’ve been writing a lot more lately yet haven’t had the time to hit open mics the way I’ve been wanting to. The plan is to spend the next few months developing my performance game and then hit the ground running come June.
  • Study and take the GRE-Yeah I know. You don’t have to say it. I’ve been needed to get on this and I’ve been studying here and there but I haven’t been able to really focus on it the way I need to.

Ok now onto my improvements…


  • Calling people back- I hate, hate, HATE talking on the phone. I have been like this since junior high and the benefits of modern technology have made this particular version worse. However, I am horrible at calling people back when they have called me and I need to do better with this.
  • Being on  time- I’m not known for being tardy but I’m not the most prompt person either. I would like to be more consistent about being on time.
  • My practice-If there is such a thing as Buddhist backsliding you can point to me. I’ve been so neglectful in my practice is a damn shame. I need to get back to meditating every day and going to my sangha. No excuses.
  • Hanging out with friends-Truth is I’m lazy and anti-social. What’s ironic is that people love to be around me despite my weirdness and are always asking me to hang out. There are times where I decline and others where I will accept the invitation and then flake out for some bullshit reason or the other. It’s shameful and I need to do better because, though my friends here in Vegas are few, they are some great ones and I need to spend more time with them.

Hmmm, those are some pretty full lists. They should keep me busy during the summer.


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