Officially Got My Green Thumb


This morning I went to water the plants on my patio and was greeted by this delight

All that thriving green and it’s only April! I’ve only been gardening for a little over a year. When I started I knew nothing about planting. On top that I had to learn how to work with Nevada’s unfriendly environment (extreme temperatures, harsh winds, droughts, etc). I love a challenge though so I did ton of research, dived right in, and through a lot of trial and error pretty much figured out this whole gardening thing.

This is my jasmine ivy. Around late spring/early summer it’s supposed to bloom some white scented flowers. I planted this last June to make up for the jasmine tree that couldn’t survive through the 120 degree heat. I love this plant! For one, it’s extremely hardy. It took root during the summer and made it through the winter. Experimenting with it taught me a lot about creeping vines and how to train them to grown along my patio railing. This plant naturally grows toward a “support’ such as a wall, railing, trellis, or  tree, wrapping around it as it grows upward.

This one is a vinca mix (a member of the carnation family) and is already starting to sprout some little pink flowers. Underneath the fun looking leaves are whats called mondo grass. It’s about the only grass that can successfully grow in Vegas. Now as far as those those fun looking leaves, I did not plant them. They started to randomly grow back in January. It took me forever to figure out where they grew from.


This is a tree that grows right beside my patio. In November the leaves started to turn and they dropped all over my patio, including in my planting troughs. Well apparently those leaves contained seeds which started to germinate mid January. At first I thought they were weeds and almost uprooted them. But I was curious to see what would come of them so I left them to grow. I’m glad I did because the leaves are beautiful. It wasn’t until the leaves on the tree by my patio started to grow that I realized where the mystery plants had originated from.

All in all I think I have a handle on my new hobby. I love it, as I am always learning new things. Playing around with new plants appeals to my inquisitive and experimentalist nature. All the green on my patio has transformed it into a beautiful peaceful space where I like to go to meditate. And most importantly, it’s a cheap hobby. All it takes is some seeds and dirt and a little bit of time, lol. I think my next focus is going to be on indoor plants.


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