My Eternal Inspiration



I remember riding through Long Beach in her passenger seat listening to her sing and freestyle. I remember politicking over lunch and margaritas. I remember exchanging journals of poetry and spoken word. I remember a big smile, a no-nonsense attitude, positive energy, and a woman with a dream. I remember when she got her very first teaching assignment. I remember when she first started going to the studio.

Rashondra is not only my Soror, she’s my sister friend. I don’t look up to too many people but this woman is a source of deep inspiration to me. I’ve known very few people who have worked as hard as she has to follow their dreams. What I admire most is the fact that though she’s passionate about what she wants to accomplish she hasn’t lost herself. She stays true to her vision, never compromising it.

So this is my tribute to Ms. Rashondra Angelle–though I fail miserably at adequately expressing how much she motivates and inspires me. All I can do is share her with the small part of my blog sphere and post this as a reminder to myself and everyone else the power of following your dreams.


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