Confidence Is Sexy


There is nothing more sexy than confidence.

I’m talking about pure, uninhibited, authentic confidence. Confidence is who you are, your looks, your talents, and in what you are doing. Confidence in your goals and what you can accomplish. Women fall for a confident man. Men love a confident women. There is absolutely nothing sexier.

I’m going to state a harsh bit of truth which is this; insecurity turns people off. Let’s be real, everyone is insecure about something. That is human nature. However there are those who wear their insecurities on their sleeve, allowing it to hinder them and how they interact with others. Those are the kind of people I’m referring to. The kind that self deprecate, beating themselves up about all the things they aren’t rather than having confidence in what they are. What I’ve learned is that for every one thing a person lacks, they have at least two things they make up for in another area. Nobody has the “whole package”, nobody. To expect yourself to have it all is not only unrealistic, it’s dangerous. You are holding yourself to an impossible standard. Using what someone else has as a sounding board for what you should also have is also unrealistic and dangerous. We are all individuals. There is nothing constructive about comparing yourself to another person.

Confidence is fostered through inner strength, self-love, and self validation. It’s not something anyone else can give you. You have to give it to yourself. I’ve spent the last several months nurturing my self-confidence and I’ve noticed that as I gained more confidence in myself that things in my life have started shifting. My confidence has drawn a lot of people to me. I’ve started to attract a different kind of person. It’s expanded the list of things I feel I can accomplish and it’s made me more positive about taking on new challenges. However,  my confidence has not turned into arrogance (at least I try not to let it). I’m still mindful of my weaknesses and the areas I need to improve on.

The thing with confidence is that it can’t be faked. Most people can see right through the act. You can only fool some of the people all of the time and anyone who has a tendency to look below the surface is going to catch it. A lack in confidence will affect a person in all areas of life (personally, professionally, romantically) because at the end of the day, if you don’t fully believe you are worth it, nobody else will.

As Common wisely spits, “Nobody believe, until I believe me.”



One thought on “Confidence Is Sexy

  1. Yes, you are right! Being self-confident can be a start to making yourself more attractive to others. My problem is that my ADHD makes it difficult to be confident in my abilities.

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