Personal Liberty Rant 2/23: this day sucks


Right now I’m envisioning myself in a nice little hut in some random indigenous village in the middle of nowhere. Each day I’m confronted more and more with the fact that there is nothing left here for me in Vegas. I’m ready to go. Like seriously. And chances are pretty good that I’ll leave the country and not come back to the States.

Today was one of those days. You ever have one of those days that’s so draining and long that by noon you’re considering a margarita with your lunch? Yeah that was my day. Between work, family, and personal things this day sucked. Majorly. By the time I got off work it really hit home how much I miss my friend. It would have been nice to end this bullshit day by doing something fun with friends (or a friend), but of course it didn’t work out that way and the suckiness of the day didn’t even end when I got off work.It actually got worse.

I’ve learned pretty quickly that some of my Vegas friends can be pretty flaky–even sometimes outright selfish. So it’s a nice change when I started hanging out with someone who wasn’t that way. We’d make plans to do something, and we did it. If something came up, we took a rain check and made it up to each other later. If they sensed I was down they offered a listening ear, or asked me what they could do to make me smile. Most times, that simple question was enough to pull me out of whatever Leo mood I was in and make me smile.

It’s an eye opener to go  from that to friends who can’t make the effort to spend time with you. It’s actually hurtful and frustrating. Especially when you’re having the kind of day where you really could use a friend’s company. I don’t ask for much. Hell I don’t ask for anything. But on these kind of days I just want a smile and a hug, not excuses on why I can’t get the smile and hug.


So back to that hut in the middle of nowhere. The other day my friend asked me if I was running and I admitted that I probably am. At this point I don’t think it matters though. Running is better than being taken for granted.


One thought on “Personal Liberty Rant 2/23: this day sucks

  1. Soror, I totaly understand how you feel. My whole year has been going that way. It sucks we are so far apart because I think we both can used a hug, some drinks, and laughs. My Christian sides says I need to try Jesus and you need to meditate but doesn’t that seem like such a religious thing to say? I don’t know…anyway, I’m only a phone, text, or tweet away. Sending TONS of e-hugs your way.

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