Forward Momentum: Toya J Version 2.8


Forward momentum. I can feel myself evolving. Over the past month I’ve noticed myself growing in a lot of different ways and the change has almost been like an electric charge coursing through me making me  restless. I guess this is how plants feel when they are in the process of sprouting flowers.

Eh….it sounded poetic. To me at least.

I’ve always been a woman of action. When I see something I want I go after it. When I feel like I need to make moves or make a change I put myself in the position to do so. Being so goal oriented has provided me with the tenacity to be able to maneuver through obstacles. Like anyone, I experience set backs but they rarely keep me down. And they never stop me.

Life circumstances over the past six months helped to plant the seeds of change that I’ve slowly been cultivating. Now those seeds are being harvested and I’m extremely excited. I’ve put a lot of hard work into my spiritual, emotional, physical, and professional growth and I’m amazed at how much my dedication is paying off. There’s nothing more motivating than taking action and seeing it work for you.

In the middle of all of this I’ve been feeling as though it’s time for me to recreate myself. Well, maybe recreate isn’t the proper word. More like ease into the person I’m evolving into, a newer version of myself. I’m changing, there’s no doubt about that. Both on the outside (weight, hair, style) and the inside (confidence, patience, contentment, wisdom) . I’m getting to know Toya J Version 2.8 and I will admit that I like her very much. She’s happy and healthy. She’s confident. She doesn’t hold herself back. She’s realizing her potential. She has fun. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m naturally pulling away from certain people and behaviors that are harmful to me and gravitating towards those that affect me positively. Not only has this kept me focused and disciplined but it has improved my relationship with others. I’m happy and it’s spreading into every aspect of my life. I absolutely love it.

A happy woman is a beautiful woman.

I feel it.


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