The Shout Out Pt. 2


If I had to shout out one person that’s made the biggest impact on my development (both professional and otherwise) I’d have to credit my ex, hands down. No doubt  I come equipped with my own unique talents, yet being with and learning from my ex really taught me how to step my game up.

Granted we drive each other crazy and get on each others nerves. In the words of Marshall Bruce Mathers, me and my ex are “what happens when a tornado meets a volcano”. I guess it’s the bi-product of an Aries and Leo coupling. Both fire signs and two people more alike than we care to admit.

As much as I’ve contemplated tossing this man out the window (I kid, I kid…well..kinda)  truth is, he’s always impressed me. He continues to impress me and, trust me, that is not an easy thing to do. What I initially saw in him was an awesome talent, a creative force that even he didn’t know he possessed. And me being me the type of person I am I sought to cultivate that potential, lighting a fire that, once it caught, I found myself scrambling to catch up with.

I love being around people I can learn from and as I mentioned earlier I’ve learned so much from my ex. From practical things like fiscal responsibility, communication,  and appearance (not that I was ever sloppy in this department but I will admit to being extremely whimsical in how I put myself together sometimes, lol) to life lessons. Life lessons like how to be comfortable in my own skin or the importance of standing up for myself. He taught me humility. He, above anyone, can bring me down to earth, reminding me that my shit don’t smell like roses no matter how much I like to act like it does. Most importantly, watching what he does has taught me the steps needed to follow my dreams. I see the fruits of his motivation almost every day.

My interaction with him brought an awareness of things I never thought about before. I never cared about the stock market or the news before we got together. I was a good writer but he taught me how to be a better one. I know a lot more about hip hop, journalism, and porn than I ever knew prior. I could definitely continue on with this post but the point is that watching my ex in action has inspired me in ways that not many others have. His accomplishments are never a surprise because they are nothing less than what I expect of him.  He’s a writer and an intellect. He’s in graduate school currently working on a thesis on pornography. He’s got several side hustles which include writing for Fightnews, Ultimate MMA Magazine, and yes of course The Well Versed. He’s following his passions and manifesting his dreams and it inspires me to do the same.

Now I currently find myself completing my Peace Corp application and gearing up to apply to graduate school. I do sometimes find myself a bit apprehensive. There are times when I wonder if I have what it takes to succeed in following my own passions. But when someone tells you “I know you’ll do well” with such utter conviction, you kinda have no choice but to follow through and succeed. Especially when the person who motivates you expects nothing less.

Shout out to my ex for inspiring (and teaching) me how to do step my game up.


2 thoughts on “The Shout Out Pt. 2

  1. Lakingya R.

    Very well written. When I first saw the title I was like awesome! She’s doing a special shout to me! *BLUSH* Then I realized you where talking about “him downstairs “. WHOMP WHOMP! But I guess I can see why you married him in the first place… although miss lady it does kinda sound like you “want that old thing back”. Why have I been saying that so much lately?

    • LMAO at you Soror! But at the end of the day you know I have to keep it real. Despite everything we’ve been through I have to give credit where credit is due, anything less than that is me being a bitter hater. lol.

      What helps me is remembering the good that came out of our relationship and all the ways I’ve grown from it.

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