The Shout Out


I’m pretty sure that I’ve convinced a few who read this blog that I am a certified hater with as much as I’ve criticized others in previous posts. As harsh I can be my intent is always to motivate others to do better in all areas that they can improve on. I feel as though everyone can be the best person they can be and I always encourage others to follow their dreams.

I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a multitude of very talented and motivated people. With that being said I wanted to take a moment to shout out these people, friends of mine who took their passion and transformed them into businesses and organizations.

The Laura Lightfoot Foundation– Jerry and I first connected on Twitter over a year ago. We initially engaged each other because of our mutual interest in philanthropy and volunteer work. At the time I was just getting to know him but what I immediately respected  about Jerry is that he is action oriented, when he says he’s going to do something he does it. So when he talked to me about starting his own non-profit I didn’t doubt for a minute that he’d make it happen. What did surprise me was how quickly he got it up and running. Less than two years later Jerry created the Laura Lightfoot Foundation, a non-profit that serves a dual purpose. One, to provide mentoring and scholarships to young women and two, to raise funds for cancer research. The organization is new so of course there’s a lot of work ahead but I am excited for what Jerry has been able to accomplish so far.

The Well Versed – I’ve already talked about this website a while back and it’s listed as one of my favorite links but I feel as though it deserves another mention. Since I personally know quite a few of the people who make up The Well Versed team I expected nothing but awesomeness (yes that’s a made up word) from the site. I wasn’t disappointed either. First of all the founder, Andreas Hale, is a creative force of his own right. When he takes the lead on a project he always has a vision on where he wants it to go. What I love about Andreas is that he appreciates the talents of others, to the point where he is always willing to put other people on to the projects that he’s involved with. The Well Versed is such a great example of this principle. The staff consists of such a diverse group of writers, each with their own creative interests and one can see this reflected in the content of the website. There is something of interest for everyone on The Well Versed and site has only gotten better since it was first launched a few months ago.

In addition to those two mentions I have a host of other friends/associates that are in the stages of doing great things. Whether its law or graduate school or starting a small business each is working hard to achieve success and they do nothing but inspire me to do the same. Great things are always possible if one takes the steps needed to make them happen.

Shout out to everyone striving to reach their goals.


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