Something Other


**This is a throw back I wrote this several years ago for a close friend of mine who sings. It describes a crush she had on a drum player**

The passion of a Black man
Is something one can never understand
Unless you feel it
Can you hear it
How the music got me vibing over you
Both analyzing and inspired
By the stroke of your genius
I’m seeing
Another world through your ears and your mind
Obsessive ain’t the word, I’m mesmerized by your style
I want to consume and be consumed
By the energy that creates your tunes
And the essence that’s just you
Because your something other than the here and now…
Your the verse and the sound
The scale and the beat
That keeps your soul above your feet
And me clinging to the light of your smile
That’s the eternity of your vibe
Cuz your vibe is something other

© 2006 by Toya J


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