A Note On The Basic B*tch


I’m an avid people watcher. I’ve always been that way. Whether it’s on the internet or IRL, I like to witness the kinds of behavior and things people engage in when they think nobody is looking. What I’ve noticed is a trend of basic b*tches. At first I thought I was being judgmental. I have no problem admitting if I’m being a hater.  Yet when I talked to a couple of my girlfriends about this new phenomenon I was witnessing they confirmed it–there’s a basic b*tch epidemic going on.

I had to defer to the Urban Dictionary so that  I can properly define the term for the squares out there. A basic b*tch is the following:

1) a bum-ass woman who think she the shit but really ain’t

2) one who has no personality; dull and irrelevant

3) just an extra regular female

Now this is the thing, I’m not for  non-constructively putting anyone down. I’m not that much of a bully.  No one knows more than me the power of having confidence in who and what you are.  There is nothing wrong with an “I am the shit” attitude. However, the key to that attitude is authenticity.  A person knows what they are and what they are not. Basic b*tches always seek to play up what they are, down play what they are not, and fake the rest.

There are specific patterns of behavior  that basic b*tches engage in.  She first and foremost pretends. She lacks confidence in who she is , making up for the lack by pretending to be what she is not. Attention whoring is another characteristic. She is often the loudest and least dressed woman at the club, or anywhere for that matter.  This is usually because her personality is not engaging on its own so she has to do extra in order for others to be drawn to her. She is extremely desperate and thirsty. Chasing after anyone that will show her the least bit of attention. She is extremely self-absorbed,  immature, shallow, and unintelligent even ignorant. She’s obsessed with inflating her self-importance.  She lacks depth. She’s not discreet, she exposes all of her personal business. She needs others to validate her. She feels as though her worth is determined by how others view her. So she fronts about everything, rather than allowing her opinion to be the only validation needed. Basic b*itches are always stagnant, stunted in a specific way of living or mentality.

On the flip side a non basic b*tch is the complete opposite. She’s authentic and genuine. She’s comfortable and confident in who she is, embracing  her strengths and flaws. Her knowledge of self  is the only validation she seeks. Though she may be conscious of how others view her she does not allow it to dictate her decisions or lifestyle. She is intelligent and wise, or at least actively seeks knowledge and wisdom. She may like being the center of attention but she doesn’t actively seek it and is in her natural state when she does find herself the center of attention.  Her worth is not defined by whether or not she is in a committed relationship. She may have no problem pursuing romance but you will never see her act desperate or thirsty. She may be free in expressing her sexuality but she keeps her business to herself. She has integrity, motivation, and drive. She is a woman about her business and you will always see her striving to reach her fullest potential.

My beef with the basic b*tch movement is this that these type of women are so busy being in denial that they ignore the negative traits they need to improve on. The things needed in order to grow as an individual. A basic b*tch mentality leaves no room for personal growth on any level.

My thing is this; I am all for building people up. I always encourage others to be the best individual they can be and follow their dreams. This post may appear to be a harsh, judgmental criticism and I’m sure it is.  But I wont apologize for it. The poor behavior I’ve witnessed lately deeply disappointments me. I need folks to do better, especially women. I’m tired of others encouraging basic b*tch behavior.  I’m tired of women acting like basic b*tches and I’m tired of men getting involved with them.  At some point, our expectations for ourselves and others need to be raised to a higher standard.

Oh, and there is such a thing as a basic n*gga too. Trust me.


One thought on “A Note On The Basic B*tch

  1. Your ass is wild for this one but I love it!! Had me cracking up. The problem with basic b*tches is that they dont know that they are one! Its sad really because, you think if you wherent so basic we may have been friends otherwise….Well, at least help you with your style of dress and makeup…LOL! Ok, Im getting to specific but you know what I mean. LOL!!

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