4 thoughts on “The Myth of Black Feminism

  1. Lakingya R.

    I guess that’s why you didn’t pledge Delta. LOL! Ok for real, this post was very enlightening because I didn’t know there were so many facets to being a feminist. I know I’ve never declared myself one. Its strange how something that was never meant for us, we hold on to so dearly.

  2. Prettypoodle09

    Hey soror! Great read. First, I’m glad you are knowledgeable about the different schools of thought. So many just speak about radicals.

    I find some of my thoughts in line w/ pieces from different schools. You have sparked my interest about Womanism being repackaged feminism. Do you feel womanism should be completely different from Womanism? Well I have a lot of questions but I’ll start there.

    • I am so excited that you asked this awesome question. First I am totally of the opinion that Womanism, or any form of Feminism focused on WOC, should be taken and separated from the original feminist movement. Womanist ideology would be better served if it was treated as it’s own unique movement rather than a branch of another.

      Second, a bit more background about Womanism. The concept was originally adopted from Alice Walker and the best way I can simplify it is to say that it’s an ideology that ties theology (religion, specifically Christian) with the experiences of oppression African-American women live with. The idea is to “liberate” through educating the Black community and challenging it’s misogynistic structure.

      Sound familiar?

      • prettypoodle09

        Hmmm I see what you are saying sort of. Isn’t there going to be some overlap as their are universal womens issues…like fighting misogyny? Liberation through education is a common medium in many movements of the oppressed. I would expect some traces of feminism to be in womanism as one is a branch off the other.

        I guess my question is, do you not favor Womanism due to it not being drastically different from feminism or b/c it’s not working? b/c of it’s theological ties? What would your ideal womanism focus on?

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