The Basics


Not the story of a good girl

Gone bad

More like

The mishaps of a borderline’s attempt

At being good

Before going back to old ways

What it is, is that these days

I see no room in this world

For the Good Girl

My mercurial tendencies

Shaded things gray

Though I was willing

To color it something tangible

I thought you were worth the effort

Who knew that the Good Girl

Was going to get

The trial of her life

She did her best

Though she was never good at taking tests

Failing, the Good Girl is officially laid to rest

And here we are

No more borderline

Or shades of gray

Confusion, lack of clarity

Leaves you both loving and hating me

My Good Girl acceptable for one thing

And not the other

Is leaving the Bad Girl looking to another

At least bad girls don’t deal in hesitation

I’ve washed all hands of this fucked up situation

Finally facing it

I’ve returned to the basics

Maybe the Bad Girl will be appreciated more

Than the Good Girl was

©2010 by Toya J


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