Personal Liberty Interlude 11/11: I’m over it


This week seems to be the catalyst for a lot of things that have been building up over the past several months. Hell couple of years. I’ve reached my maximum tolerance for bullshit. My patience is long but it’s not infinite. Now, I’m over it.

I’m over getting caught up with people who don’t know what the hell they want. One minute it’s one thing and the next it’s something else. In the meantime I’m in the middle trying to figure out which way is up. The worse thing about being in these type of situations is that you never know which is the truth. The person can tell you something and totally mean it. Then ten seconds later it’s the total opposite and they mean that too. The end result is you learning not to trust what that person says.

I’m over selfish ass people. I posted about this not too long ago. Now, I’m realizing that it’s not worth it for me to be gracious towards people who willfully take advantage of my kindness.

I’m over being made to feel guilty for anything. I find it real bold that others will attempt to make me feel bad for doing my own thing, taking care of me, speaking or standing up for myself, or for making demands. I don’t need to be shot down for expecting others to respect the boundaries that I set.

I’m over people’s words not being supported by their actions. I’m tired of empty words and contradictory actions. These things make a person look unreliable and untrustworthy.

I’m over not being heard. Of not being listened to.  There is nothing more frustrating than addressing something with someone and meeting resistance to what it is you’re trying to say. Or having to constantly address the same things over and over again because the other party simply refuses to hear you.

I’m over not being appreciated. More than that, I’m tired of dealing with people that are so quick to dismiss those that consistently  show support, understanding, and patience. There’s a saying; when you aren’t being apprecited for your talents take them elsewhere. Enough said.

Until the next interlude….


One thought on “Personal Liberty Interlude 11/11: I’m over it

  1. You have been snapping in your last few blogs and I must say I am feeling all of them. We must be reading the same book or something because I swear its like we are going through the same things. All those “Goodbyes” Ive been talking about…yeah, because I’ve been going through them. I’ve simply had enough of dealing with other peoples bullsh*t, issues, problems, and concerns while leaving no room for my own. Who takes care of me? Who appreciates the love I have to give? Who ISNT going to leave me feeling empty, lost, and whole host a feelings I have to deal with and continue to work through everytime you come back around. Im done with phonie relationships…that includes family, friends, “lovers” whatever! In the words of some ol country bumpkin…”Get got, and get gone!” In other words Peace Out Fool!!!

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